EPR (Energetic Print Release)

The energetic print release is a technique where layers of energy are removed.
This energy is a result of the descension process, incarnation process, previous lives and energies adopted during this life.


The descension and incarnation process

There are several processes going on that have great comparison with breathing or the day and night process. Reincarnation, for example, is a small descension and ascension process. Getting into a body (incarnating) is moving down through the dimensional frequencies and moving into the body. You move from a state of consciousness to a rather unconscious third dimension. This is ok, it gives a lot of opportunities for experiences that you would not have otherwise. The universal cycle of awaking and sleeping is a bit like your own day and night cycle but then stretched for thousands of years in stead of 24 hours. This movements is done big, really big. It is a process where millions of stars are involved.

Back to basics it is all a cycle like breathing. Ones moving down you become more blocked, darker, unconscious and detached from higher frequencies. To do this you need specific imprints to be installed in your system. This is to help you incarnate (read synchronize with lower frequencies).

Once moving up (the ascension process) those static energetic imprints hold you back. You can suddenly feel the need to clean and restore your system. At this moment in time we are actually directing the axle of our solar system back towards the center of the Universe, which means we started the ascension process as in the big picture. The whole of human kind is moving from family focus to city focus, to worldwide consciousness to universal consciousness (we are getting in the last one as we speak). This is interlinked with an energy flow that activates and rises our frequency and consciousness. I assume this is known knowledge, if not there is a lot written about it, or you can contact us for questions.

With the energetic imprint release technique we remove all those energies described above that hold you back. This process of removing needs to be done only ones in your life, once removed it is gone!


Imprints from this and past lives

Since the descension process does not have the characteristics of a high frequency it also does not challenge you to clean energetic imprints. So in many cases it is also needed to clean incarnational energies from past lives or energetic imprints as a result from our experiences.

Most of these energies are connected to patterns and ideas we have of life. These patterns are integrated in the meantime in the thoughts we have and the chemical process of our body. So when releasing this energetic imprints you can understand that there are still patterns that might work as a magnet for reinstalling the old energies. So to protect you from this normal human process while you reattach yourself from these old patterns, we install a layer of white protective light layers that helps you protect from getting the imprints back in your system. Mostly this stays there for 9-14 months, after that you have grown so much from a spiritual point of view that you do not need this protection any more. You have regained your own power and strength to not except any of these removed imprints.

To help you understand what it is what we do, I will describe some of these imprints.


  • Implant imprints
    This program contains of all activated layers of negative implants that are from this or past lives, the not activated and hiding implants and any reproductive intelligences connected to these implants.
  • Connection- line program
    This program includes all our connections with people, animals, events, energies and matter, including: control connections, power connections, energy draining connections, etc.
  • Energetic weapon
    This contains all the energetic weapons or part of it, in our energetic system as a result from our previous lifes.
  • Pattern imprints
    This contains of all restrictions and patterns between two or more people, self created pattern beings, and negative thoughts and projections we have send to each other.
  • Life lesson imprints
    This contains all karmic programs that are, for whatever reason, being kept active in our system (mostly control by you or others, all family karmic programs and spirit agreements.
  • Adoptive imprints
    This contains all projections (negative thoughts/energies) that others have sent to us like, hate, envy, jealousy, doubt, uncertainty, etc.; also our own negative projections we have about ourselves and all energies we adopt from others like emotions, beliefs, patterns, programs, entities, prejudices, illusions, karma, and implants of others.
  • Symbols imprints layer
    This contains of all the symbols and initiations in our system that pulls us down in frequency.
  • Black magic
    This contains of all negative energies/ programs and influences that are in our system as a result of black magic curses and swearing.
  • Captivity energies.
    Removing this energies frees a part of us what has become unreachable and locked. Also all blockages on the inner child that prevent a fully integrated inner child in our system. This also helps against good grounding and any emotions and trauma energies.
  • Reactive energies.
    This contains all reactive energies in our system that causes cracks and injuries in our aura layers due to recognition of negative experience in pas lifes.
  • Anchor connections
    These are connections between us and the under layer of the third dimension that causes a fixed frequency. Removing these connections stimulates our growth and dynamics.
  • Cover layers.
    These are layers that were thrown over the crown chakra that causes us to feel isolated from our higher self, block the natural energy reload and can cause depression.
  • Consciousness fluctuation imprints
    Your brain has an own electromagnetic field that can be disturbed by tv, pictures, emotions, radiation and fluctuations of the Earth's field. With this removal program we remove all distortions and repair the field.
  • Astrology related imprints
    On the moment of birth there are planetary energies that activated or block part of all we can be. This process is needed for our experience but in some cases and in agreement with your higher self some of these blocking energies may be removed.
  • Time portal imprints
    Our system contains tiny time portals that keep past energies and emotions alive in present day. Removing this portals a connections help us being in the present.
  • Experimental imprints
    Throughout the lifes that we had we sometimes experiment with energies. Some of these energies have a negative impact on our spiritual growth. We remove this energies en recover your system.
  • Atlantis imprints
    As a result of the fall we've made in Atlantis we have interdimensional cracks, connections and creatures that interfere with our system. Removing this helps us in the ascension process.
  • Master program layer
    To experience Earth, we chose dualism and the experience of pain. This intention together with a running program, connections to beings is part of this master program. Removing this can only be done if it is also removed at the level of your higher self.
  • Relationship ballast layers
    These are all constraining energies from patterns, implants, influences, unspoken emotions and ideas, etc. that block a light experience of the relationship.

These are just a few of the 74 imprint layers (categories) that we remove with this technique.

Do you want to know more, please contact us.


Costs: $ 85 per hour


(I will summarise here shortly all removed jackets)



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