The breathing session


In prehistoric times, we lived of course in the wild. Our enemies were tigers and other animals. Once we faced them our bodies reacted by producing adrenaline. This is like a super fuel and gave us extra strength to fight or flee. Muscles have extra strength to do so because of this adrenaline.

Today, tigers no longer are our enemies.
But our bodies still produce adrenaline when confronted with situations that need us to fight or flee, but what do we do .... We hold our breath and do nothing.
This leaves us with a body full of a super fuel and no ignition.
Organs cramp and keep the tension and emotions tightly.

 What is the result of this?
A deep natural breathing becomes uncomfortable, there is too much tension in the body. You will therefor unconsciously breathe increasingly more superficial. This superficial breathing reflect in a smaller processing buffer. Breathing transforms and releases stress, but only deep breaths. A high respiration is also often the reason that the frequency of the brain goes up. A high brain frequency affect the lose overview, makes thoughts come and go quickly, raise stress levels and makes you anxious or worried.

With a breath session we actually finish the breath you did not do with all the adrenaline. This release the body of all cramps. You can literally feel the cramps that come back to the surface and being released. With each layer that your breath releases you experience freedom and tranquility, your stress level goes down, you will be able to sleep better and organs will start to function better.

Result: an emotional release, your body functions better, great resistance for stress, a natural deep breath during normal activities, calmer thoughts, freedom, peace, emotional release, better focus and improved sleep (you will sleep better and deeper).

 Duration of a session: +/- 1 hour

Costs: $ 85,-

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"Can you step out of roles you are playing or do you identify with them?

Once you feel tension with what you are doing, there is a big chance that you identify yourself with a role instead of the person who is playing the role."



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