In our consult we help you with any issue you are facing in life. For each issue there is a different tool that best matches the reason behind the issue, so the problem can be solved from within.
What if you already understand your behavior, experiences, or where something comes from, but it has made no difference? Then there is an emotional incompleteness or image that you need to let go. The Mind- format, treats those images and beliefs about yourself, others and life.

An emotional incompleteness is more difficult to discover for yourself. Often when you think back to a situation and you still feel a painful feeling, there is still an emotional blockade that you should take care of. You can handle an emotional blockade with a breathing session or a softer inner journey.

A personal consultation takes about 1 hour.

The costs are $ 85

About Solid-Life

Solid life is an institute that is focused on personal development. A happy person is a person that has a healthy relationship with oneself and others.

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"Can you step out of roles you are playing or do you identify with them?

Once you feel tension with what you are doing, there is a big chance that you identify yourself with a role instead of the person who is playing the role."



We like to work with specialists in other disciplines. The recognition of the knowledge and skills of each experience is the key to cooperation. Together we are complete. If you are interested in this, please contact us.


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