Half year training.

Our training is divided into five workshops spread over six months. The individual workshops are explained below.
The training aims to bring all obtained knowledge during the course to become practical experience and to help you integrate the tools into your daily life. For that reason the workshops are spread over six months, during which you can expect support with questions that come up while practicing the knowledge.

Course content.

Many people are searching for happiness, balance, love, wholeness, joy, etc. But mostly there are situations in life that prevent this: Having trouble being yourself. A bad relationship, it is no longer what it was, it might be boring, detached or you might experience loneliness or other problems. Sometimes there are moments when nothing is happening and yet we are bothered by concerns, emotions and fears. In other cases, you'll notice that you react in irritation, fear or sadness when seeing someone without that person has even said something to you. What then is the mechanism behind all this?
During this training we will understand this mechanism. To realize this we will use techniques from Mind-Format and the NRI.
The course is designed to bring a permanent shifts in the quality of your life. You will experience a new and unique kind of freedom, a freedom in each circumstance and the strength to do what your heart gives in.

The Workshops:
  • Core

    Living in the centre of your being Read more

    Workshop 1
  • Blockades

    What 's in the wayRead more

    Workshop 2
  • Release

    Read More

    Workshop 3
  • Begin

    The new experienceRead More

    Workshop 4




    Back to all there is

    Workshop 5


Workshop 5: Back to all there is.

This is the only workshop that no words can express. This is the closing training of the year. By this point you will have nothing standing in the way to experience a unique journey into all you are. This experience is something very special. This workshop is focused on meditation.

More questions about the training?

Contact us or request a skype call.

What you can expect

Boom in woestijn

Clear explanation of the theory and knowledge.

Useful tools to apply for yourself.


Practice and exercise





For whom?

Everyone above the age of 16. It does not matter whather you have learned so far. The course is designed for people who want a breakthrough in their lives, who want to be in their power, no longer want to be a spectator of life but want to be life.


The training consists of five workshops.

The costs

The training is 485, -. Including support, workbook and CD


About Solid-Life

Solid life is an institute that is focused on personal development. A happy person is a person that has a healthy relationship with oneself and others.

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"Can you step out of roles you are playing or do you identify with them?

Once you feel tension with what you are doing, there is a big chance that you identify yourself with a role instead of the person who is playing the role."


We like to work with specialists in other disciplines. The recognition of the knowledge and skills of each experience is the key to cooperation. Together we are complete. If you are interested in this, please contact us.


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