Transforming Scan Healing


Transforming Scan Healing

This is an energetic treatment that treats best physical complaints.

It cleans, regenerates and revitalizes cells and organs. The energies are activated separate from each other and send through the organ. The practitioner must therefore have knowledge of the function and shape of the organs to work the most direct and effectively.

Empty and tired organs become recharged, also organs that have endured heavy emotions, stress or rest energies of medications.

Cleaning and balancing the vibration of the organs creates emotional calm and a recovery of your system.

 The treatment is well combined with a breathing session or a massage.
 One treatment is maximum an hour, minimum 15 minutes for a single organ.


Costs: $ 85,- for a full hour/ $ 42.50 for an half hour treatment.

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Once you feel tension with what you are doing, there is a big chance that you identify yourself with a role instead of the person who is playing the role."



We like to work with specialists in other disciplines. The recognition of the knowledge and skills of each experience is the key to cooperation. Together we are complete. If you are interested in this, please contact us.


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